Saturday, 15 September 2012

Two Common English Names: White and Knight(s).

Hopefully, in time, this blog may be of interest to people with the names of White and Knight(s) - 2 quite common English names - particularly if the Whites can trace their origins to the area around Banbury (especially Shotteswell and Bloxham) and the Knights(es) to villages such as Debach, Boulge and Knodishall in Suffolk and both of them to Birmingham from the late 19th/early 20th century. I have been studying these ancestors for about three years now and have made some progress in finding information about them and aim to share it here as well as receive input from others who can help add to my knowledge. So, here's a few names for starters - in the context of the towns and villages mentioned above, do they mean anything to you? - William White, Thomas White, Edward White, John White, Richard White, Elizabeth Bradford, Elizabeth Terrill, Harriet Oliver, Elizabeth Bayliss, Harry Knight, Eleanor Mulcay, James Knights, Matthew Knights, Anne Maria Langford, John Arthur Winney, Phoebe Asbury.

St Laurence Church, Shotteswell, Warwickshire
St Laurence Church, Knodishall, Suffolk.
All Saints Church, Debach, Suffolk.

St Mary's Church, Bloxham, Oxfordshire.

St Michael's Church, Boulge, Suffolk.


  1. Hello. I'm Victoria Proffitt-White. I discovered your blog quite by chance this evening. Your research and writings are fantastic and it's wonderful to have it all here for all the family to see. I don't see anywhere where you say who you are or how you are linked to the Whites/Knights. I do have a few comments/additions/explanations which I shall try to add when I get the opportunity.

    1. Hi Victoria, I am interested in reading too as my Great Grandmother was Florence Eva White from Newcastle

  2. Hi, I just came across this page and was amazed, as I am related to Thomas Oscar White in Australia, he was mg GG Grandfather

    1. Dear Kazza M., thank you for your comments. I am pleased to read that you have found some of my writing and research to be interesting. I would certainly welcome additional input from other members of the White family. I am interested that you are a descendant of Thomas Oscar White as I remember the problems I had working out what had happened to his parents when they set out for Australia. I could not find them on passenger lists and for a while was almost convinced that Thomas has been sent out in a convict ship! I am still very interested to know what caused his early death in Australia - a cause of obvious grief to his family back home in Shotteswell.
      I did respond to Victoria by e-mail when she first published her comment here and, like you, would be delighted to hear from her about her knowledge of the White/Proffitt-White family.
      I am a great, great, great grandson of William White b.1792, son of John White, who married Elizabeth Bradford, his brother having married Elizabeth's mother, Sarah Bradford nee Kee.
      Best wishes,

    2. Hello, thanks for the reply as this is the only information I could find about Thomas Oscar White and family as he had no birth records here in Australia, and I can't find immigration records either, there are many Thomas White's in Australia, although I am still searching, therefore I have bits of information from about 1870's onwards. I could not find your email as I can send some records for Thomas Oscar White and descendants. Thomas Oscar White married Alice Mcguiness in 1872, she died in 1880 aged 33. He married Rachel Gammidge (no records on marriage) and they had 8 children whom a few died in infancy. One daughter was Florence Eva White born 1881 married Francis Lopps (his father was from portugal) who had one daughter Emma May lopps born 1901 who was my grandmother. Thomas Oscar White life has some unfortunate events that I can send via email. Thankyou for the information as I have been trying to put our family tree together but it stopped at Thomas, I am hoping that it is the same person that I am researching